Friday, October 16, 2009

Its been a busy week. And that is the biggest understatement of the century!

I feel connected to a place only when I feel something for it, when my emotions, good or bad, flow out of control and passion overtakes enthusiasm for the place I am in. When I push myself beyond my limits, when I take on responsibility, when I thrive on challenges, is when I get to know how much I love a place. I have finally found my place at IMT...

The week started off with the promise of keeping us all completely occupied. On the studying front, I had 2 presentations, 1 quiz, 1 assignment submission and lots of homework to complete. The least of my worries really. If you spend a good amount of time studying everyday, and be regular with classes, participate in lectures and be generally attentive, the rest comes somewhat easily. Group work is challenging on the coordination front. Getting people to work together is not an easy task. For one presentation, in a group of 4, we managed fairly well. Its an ill-kept secret that if people in a team are understanding and cooperative, productivity is much higher. And that's how it was. We worked well together, with the limited time slots and the maximum output required, and the results were satisfying. The rest, only the grades will tell!

The other group however, fell flat on the exact front that the first group had succeeded at. There was lack of coordination, lack of cooperation, resulting in a complete lack of enthusiasm and understanding of the subject. The final outcome was disappointing even to the people involved and working. Oh well, lesson learnt, will not repeat the same.

Academic challenges aside, the IMT campus buzzed with activity throughout the week. We had an ongoing Fresh off the Boat Sports Tournament which was culminated in a riveting Cricket Final. Juniors Vs. Seniors. Excitement levels peaked. Emotions went rampant. Adrenalin rushed. Thrilling really... The Seniors won. I'd like to be biased here and say that our Junior team played realllllllyyyy well! I guess Luck plays an important part in sports....

Next big event was the Marketing on Fire Seminar. I wasn't much involved in the organisation of it from the start, but I got to see how much time and effort went into putting up the event. People spent hours of their time, and oodles of their sweat running around, getting everything set in place, talking to corporates to attend the event, coordinating with various students and faculty. Overall, an excellent way to bring the IMT brand forward. We had some eminent speakers and some interesting talks. There were some hiccups, but hey, we're learning! Again, lessons learnt, mistakes won't be repeated! Overall, an interesting experience.

And finally...the week is ending with a Diwali Mela. I spent most of my day yesterday practising for the Fashion Show, that's being put up. The things I have to do for friends, jeez! I think I might also be compering the event, which is taking place tonight, and looking forward to it. They're actually giving me a mike, and making me talk. How wonderful can life be!

Life is just beginning to get interesting. The people are making it so. Everyday I'm getting the feeling of getting enlightened. I feel like a baby learning to walk, I feel like a student learning the first letters of an alphabet, and I feel like a mother holding her child for the first time and I feel like a person newly in love...

Thus begins, my love affair, with IMT-D!


  1. Great to see the progress of IMT Dubai.Sports, ECAC,Media,IT,Advisory,Decorum and Placement committees all geared up.Hope this continues forever.Next major step is organizing Vau De Ville.

  2. Hello Neha,
    How r u?
    Sorry to bother u, however i wanted to know about the coll as i m planning to join in jan`10. Pls help me with ur feedback as ill be able to reach a sound decision. Pls share ur views regarding placement,faculty n schedule.
    Thanks for your time.