Thursday, October 8, 2009

First post....

The Media Committee at IMT-Dubai welcomes all the readers to our baby blog! We will be reporting on life at IMT Dubai, Events in Dubai, Dubai International Academic City, and give a general idea about the MBA program we follow. We will also be writing about business related issues, current events and the economy. Our mission is to make this place fun yet informative, clean and friendly, giving an insight into our world...our life...

Let the journey begin....!


  1. A warm Media Hug to everybody :))

    News Flash: It's Different here.. And I love it!!!

    One month of college.. and I've just realized it!! Didn't even notice how time passed.. I don't think I even had the time to notice. I've been more busier over here at IMT than in any other place or time in my life...

    And my verdict: I LOVE IT... :))

    Committee meetings ( Media rocks!!),Friends (Mind-Blowing!!).. Campus Life (Out of this World!!) Classes ( No words to describe them.. they're toooo good!!! :)))) and how can i not mention everything in between ( which is just as amazing!!! )

    Now how could i not say: "This is the Life!! What Could be better!! :))"

    So a very warm welcome to one all!!!

    I quote Neha "Let the Journey Begin"

  2. Yayy!..Wohhooo!..A blog!! lol.. :)

  3. IMT Dubai has suddenly changed.The management and administration looks more serious now.Let me briefly update some of the things that IMT has done for students in the recent days.
    Placement:Lots of efforts can be seen through AMCAT, Placement Brochure, Planning for placements of 2010.
    Sports:Sports kit has arrived.Now we have basketball ring, fuss ball table, football goal post, volleyball setup etc.Gym is almost certain to arrive.Sports event for freshers is going on
    Online Gaming:Counter Strike has been a superhit game and IMT Dubai organised this game as first ever inter college activity through committee's efforts today.14 teams comprised of IMT Dubai,SPJain,BITS,Manipal,Mahatma Gandhi.IMT Dubai has reached the semi finals.Please come to Hall 6&7 to support this event.
    Cultural Activities:Freshers given.Intra college event lined up.
    Tshirts:IMT T-sirts should arrive within 2 weeks.
    Next update soon.
    "We are in the process of capturing key milestones in journey.Some has been achieved,some needs to be captured. "

  4. Date-09.10.09...Time-5:06pm...Venue-in front of the mess...!!

    ABC: “Hey! ssup??”
    XYZ: “Reading the case (confused but excited!)”
    ABC: “Here?!?!”
    XYZ: “Well! Committee meeting in 15mins, riveting match heading towards its end and case submission in an I need to say more!!”
    Yeah that’s called multitasking...;) OF NEED...IMT on a roll...KUDOS to junta!!

  5. Way to go M.E.T.H,I am proud of you guys..;-)

  6. Great Work Guys!!! Keep it up!!! agha haider

  7. Online Gaming:We IMTians have reached the finals of Counter Strike.We'll be facing BITS Pilani in the finals.Their team looks best of the lot and it would be a tough competition.Be there to support IMT

  8. Hard work is paying off... Results in front of you !!!

  9. Suddenly IMT Dubai has become a hub of events.No time to relax.In a single day IMT is having 2-3 events apart from academics.Lots of positive vibes can be seen now.Diwali is coming on Saturday.ECAC is organizing a Diwali night.Sports Committee and Corporate Committee have organized their stuffs and are in a process of organizing more.Hope this all continues.

  10. it feels great to be part of IMT,Dubai. With so much happening around you, its the right place to be at.

  11. Great going guys....lets keep the positive energy flowing.....Its a changed campus after all...Nikhil

  12. Hmm..IMT posting online anoder step in the right direction....posting from going guys!