Tuesday, December 29, 2009

End of one Semester

Wow... Four months passed like the wink of an eye, the flutter of a wing, the passing of a train, a waft of fresh air. I woke up one day, and the exams were over, and I had 3 weeks of winter break ahead of me, with not an agenda in mind, not a plan in sight, and no presentations, tests, exams, or project reports to worry about. At IMT-D, I got used to everything, but free time, so this really caught me unawares.

The first semester, of academic year 2009-2010, was replete with excitement, to the level of hysteria. The only free moments that I recall, were between times of movement, like a lull between storms. With each passing storm, which swept us up in frenzy and left us exhausted but satisfied to have achieved something, came more added responsibility. With each event that we organized or enthusiastically attended, came expectations of something bigger and better, and more often that not, these expectations were met with, and often surpassed.

As I look back at the semester, there are a few highlights that pop into my mind. Moments, which stand out, because of their sheer excellence and because of the good and bad memories that got attached to them. So, here is my pick of the IMT-D Top Five Moments of Autumn Semester, 2009....

Number 5: Marketing on Fire

It is a rather enlightening experience to listen to people from an industry that one would want to enter. Under Professor Mohan Agarwal's guidance, we at IMT were able to organise not one, but two such summits/seminars, where professionals and well established officials from their respective fields and industries, mainly Marketing, came and talked to us about their experiences and about their company's strategies of doing marketing in the Gulf region. Each and every speaker was inspirational and had so much of knowledge that the entire experience was mesmerizing and extremely fruitful.

Number 4: Fresh of the Boat (Sports Week)

This was probably the funnest sports week I've ever attended! Activities ranged from Soccer to Cricket, from a Counter Strike Tournament to French Cricket! The entire medley of events stretched for longer than a week, but the excitement at the first game was as much, if not more, than the last! The cheering on the sidelines (which I took upon myself to be an active part of), was almost as much fun as the playing itself! Overall, a great week of fun!

Number 3: Diwali Mela

Ok, must admit, I have a personal bias for this day. This was the event that I compered (with my amazing co-host Pranay Sachdev)...and it was totally rocking! For many people, this was the first Diwali away from home, and it felt really nice to be celebrating it with the entire college. The Aarti that done in the Recreation Room was special. There were different stalls put up, which were a big hit with everyone. Special mention must go to one called, Jail. Loads of fun to see people trapped behind bars. The cultural event was a perfect showcase of talent. Another special mention should go to the Grand Finale Fashion Show...what a sight that was! Overall, one of the best Diwalis I've surely had!

Number 2: Freshers' Party

This was really the first time that seniors and juniors at IMT really bonded! We hit the dance floor together at Keva Lounge and brought the house down! It was a great night of music, friends, lots of laughter and lots of gossip to talk about the next day! The night was surely one to remember, and IMTians can surely party as hard as we work!

aaaaand....Number 1: Vau De Ville

Entirely by student initiative, a college fest was put up in a month's time, and the experience was one, that will never be forgotten! It is rather hard to put the entire experience in words....I can try to paint the picture by describing the night before the event. The academic block was abuzz with activity, people running up and down the steps. The Placement Committee room on the ground floor had become a waiting area, the central work station, where meetings were held, plans made, last minute phonecalls to participants, tea at 12 am. In hall number two, the floor was covered with posters, colours, paints, and in one corner of that room, people practiced dancing. Study hall 1 was covered with props, and stationary required for the next day, and a few people sat hidden away between the pile, their laptops in hand, working relentlessly! Outside, the stage was being set up, lights were being put, and music tested. I remember walking around the campus, with a coffee in hand, and loving the feel of the air at 2 am, and the fact that everyone around me was as buzzed as I was, about the day that was to come.

When the next morning arrived, the excitement began unfolding. People from neighbouring colleges flooded into our campus, and everything came alive. The morning was for Academic events, which were being held for the first time ever, and the coordination and fluency with which they were conducted, impressed one and all. After a hectic morning, there was a lull of 3 hours, before the start of the Cultural Events. If I were to describe the feeling of that evening in one word, it would be....Exhilarating. The lights, the performances, the fashion shows, the music, the enthusiasm, the clothes, the energy, the crowd, the cheering, the breeze....everything just came together to make the evening a Grand Success! The days and days of hard work, the sleepless nights, the practices...it was all rewarded, and how! That day, was the first of its kind for IMT, and we're hoping for this event next year, to be even bigger and better!

This first semester was so packed...and so interesting that it made the IMT campus thrilling and alive! Here's hoping that the next semester, and the years to come, have as much energy, as much activity and as much enthusiasm!

With that thought...here's welcoming....the year 2010!

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  1. Neha! I have to agree with you... It was really was a one of a kind semester.... :) And You've done a real good job with the blog... keep it up! :D